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Photographs from various major American and international track and field meets are available for licensing for publication in books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, and other media. Contact Shannon Digital Imaging for more details.mailto://holleran@shannontech.comshapeimage_3_link_0

Track & Field (2008)

Cross-Country (2008)

Track & Field (2009)

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About the Photographer

Patrick Holleran is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he earned B.A., M.A., & Ph.D. degrees. Holleran was a faculty member at the University of Oregon and a designer and engineering manager at Apple Computer. He is currently owner of Shannon Technologies and Shannon Digital Imaging and teaches part-time in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at the University of Oregon.

An accomplished distance runner, Holleran captained the Notre Dame cross-country team, competed in a number of U.S. National

Championships in track and cross-country, and reached the 5000 Meter final in the Olympic Trials. He competed in a number of major

European meets including the Ivo Van Damme Memorial and the Bislettt Games. He also won Eugene, Oregon’s Butte to Butte road race twice

in a row and recorded two top-3 finishes in three marathons run. Holleran was also meet director of the Prefontaine Classic track meet for three

years and cofounded the Oregon International Athletics Club.

Holleran has been a professional photographer for 30 years. His photography of the national parks has been featured in books, web sites, magazines, and in advertising, and is displayed on the ParkVision Web site. He is the author of a book on several national parks. Holleran has photographed many national and international level track and field meets including European competitions, Olympic Trials, IAAF World Championships, and USATF & NCAA national championships.

Cross-Country (2009)

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All photographs © Patrick Holleran, Shannon Digital Imaging.  Use of images here without express written consent is strictly prohibited.mailto:holleran@shannontech.comshapeimage_5_link_0

Track & Field (2010)

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Cross-Country (2010)

Track & Field (2011)

Cross Country (2011)

Track & Field (2012)                                                                                    

Cross Country (2012)                                                                                    

Track & Field 2013                                                                                   

Cross-Country (2013)                                                                                   

Track & Field (2014)                               

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Cross-Country (2014)                             

Track & Field (2015)                             

Cross-Country (2015)                             

Track and Field (2016)                             

NCAA Championships
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TrackTown Summer

Cross-Country (2016)                             

Track and Field (2017)

NCAA Championships

Cross-Country (2017)                                           

Track and Field (2018)                                           

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Cross-Country (2018)                                          

Track and Field (2019)                                          

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Track and Field (2023)

USATF Championships

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